Hello World!

My name is Sophie. I’m a twelve-year-old avid reader who lives in Massachusetts. I aspire to be an author one day, but for now I’m stuck reviewing current young adult books that are on the market now. My goal is to help teenage readers pick books that they will enjoy, and I do that by creating a helpful description of books that I’ve read. If you want me to review a book, just ask. I’ll be happy to buy and read it!

I rate books on four things; Writing, Character depth/development, Plot, and Je ne c’est quois. The first three are self explanatory. How is the author’s word choice? Are you able to sympathize with the characters? Does the plot grab your interest? But the last category is less straightforward. Well, for those of you who don’t know, je ne c’est quois literally means “I don’t know what”. It is an intangible and indescribable quality that makes something stand out from other things that are superficially similar. (Thank you wikipedia!) When I rate a book’s je ne c’est quois, I’m trying to say that they have that certain special something that some books lack.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Please take a look at Obscure Gems, a website similar to this one (except ten times better) written by my friend Aeysh, who I share a brain with. If you want a different opinion of the books I’ve reviewed, or more likely the same opinion written in different words (I may have mentioned we share a brain?), or more books that I haven’t reviewed, or you just like looking at pretty pictures of opals, then click that link!


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